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    Apple Unveils AirPods 2 Along With Wireless Charging

    Apple is back at it again, and it will surely cost you to keep up with the next generation in the latest tech.

    Airpods 2

    Just moments ago, Apple unveiled its latest line of products that is sure to have you waiting in line. One of the highlights is the second coming of its beloved wireless air pods. The newest version is similar to the older model but has 50% longer talk time. In addition, it has a hands free voice control for Siri.

    Apple Unveils AirPods 2 Along -1

    The new Airpods 2 will also come with two types of cases. The standard will come in at $159. Apple’s new featured wireless charging case will come in at $199. Hence the wireless charging case can be purchased for $79. The new Qi-based wireless charger has a LED indicator to confirm the charging status. Pre-orders start today and will ship out next week. Apple is also offering for your case to be engraved for a personal touch as well. Despite having many rivals in the earbuds space, AirPods are still seen as the best.

    Will you pre-order a set? Do you think it’s worth it? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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