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    AOC Keeps It Real With The Senate

    AOC Brings The Facts

    AOC formerly known as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez got emotional on the floors of Congress. Cortez openly addresses the pandemic’s effect on the majority of American families. 

    AOC pleads for Congress to compromise on the spending bill. Members on both sides of the aisle may bicker, but families are going hungry. In fact, record numbers of Americans waited hours on end to receive food from food banks. 

    How Trump’s Poor Leadership Affects Families 

    AOC points out that soon, Americans “won’t be able to afford a meal to eat, that don’t know if they’ll be kicked out of their home, that are unsure if they’re going to have to quit their job to care for their child.”

    According to ABC News, there are apparent hopes that Congress will come to a resolution in the next few weeks. The ‘Big Four’ in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met last week.

    “We are dismissing their needs as blue state needs or as bailouts depending on what party you voted for. Hunger has no party. Illness has no party. And when we allow suffering to be alleviated or concentrated based on political affiliation, we are doing a disservice to our entire nation,” AOC said.

    Thanksgiving Advice from The Wise 

    Unfortunately the number of Americans who died from Covid-19 has passed half a million. Still, Americans have to decide which family members to spend Thanksgiving with. The best bet is to spend time with immediate family. In addition, continue to follow proper social distancing and other related pandemic guidelines.

    Followers of AOC react to her emotional plea on behalf of the community.  Many Americans responded by stating how alarmed they were about the state of nation. Also, by the lack of government intervention.

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