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    Anxiety: Tips on How To Quell Mental Health Disorders

    TIPS ON HOW TO QUELL MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERSAt some point in life, everyone will experience anxiety; however, for some it is a chronic condition. According to Our World in Data, there are about 284 million people all over the world who suffer from anxiety disorders. Most often, these individuals are also suffering from other mental health disorders. These include bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and alcohol use. With COVID cases rising at an alarming rate, mental illness sufferers enduring onsets of episodes are at an all time. Unfortunately, many succumb to their diseases. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America. In 2019, nearly 48,000 people died by suicide, with 1.38 million attempts. Although these conditions are chronic, there are ways to quell symptoms.

    Defeating Anxiety

    Defeating anxiety seems like a challenge, but isn’t everything else? Taking care of mental health issues takes patience with oneself and true dedication. It is an effort that will require appropriate medical attention, sometimes for the life span of the person. For those who suffer from anxiety, they can often feel closed in, small or always contemplating bad scenarios. If you are seeking ways to cope with anxiety, here are a few tips to help quell your anxiety:

    How to Make Mental Health a Priority

    1. Taking care of your mind and body- Working out is proven to be the best remedy of soothing anxiety and depression. Eating foods that provide substantial nutrition such as vegetables and fruit help promote healthy brain activity.

    2. Decrease stress- Decreasing unnecessary stress can help alleviate symptoms greatly. Practice saying no to things that don’t suit you.

    3. Don’t be afraid of therapy- Sometimes it is hard for a person who suffers from anxiety to open up about how they feel. Undoubtedly, seeing a licensed professional is the best route to discover clinical options that can aide in coping with the disease.




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