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    Another Shooting In Seatles “Autonomous Zone”

    Seattle’s Autonomous zone has experienced a number of shootings, the latest involves a child

    One man is dead and a teenager is fighting for his life another yet another shooting in Seattle’s autonomous zone. The Capitol Hill occupation protest (CHOP) continues to receive backlash with the recent outburst in crim.

    Investigators found a “bullet-riddled” Jeep Cherokee on 12th street in the zone. They soon learned that the occupants of the vehicle were two males.  The victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition. However, the only 14-year-old boy remains as the older gentleman succumbed to his wounds.

    The Autonomous zone was meant to be a social protest demanding police reform, but it appears to be something else. Non-residents of the zone have to rely solely on second-hand accounts of what’s going on. Thus information about how and when the shootings happen, deserves subjective skepticism.

    American citizens are going to varying degrees to protest for police reform and social justice.

    White America is once again put in a position where they have to question their privilege. The protest of the civil rights and the growth of the popularity of television and its availability combined for the first occurrence.

    Now the movement may be going by a different name, and the medium and it’s expansion is social media instead of TV. Yet the similarities between the two eras give hope that all of this may lead to change.

    Places like CHOP, whether good or bad, make us question things that we would never before. Of course, when civilian vigilantes gather together to “Protect” themselves, media has a to be careful not to hero-nize these people. Conversely, completely villainizing citizens who are passionate about their beliefs is not the way either.

    Something to take note of when we began to look at the response to citizens defending Black Lives Matter versus the response to citizens defending racist slave owners who fought to end America.

    What do you guys think about the recent shootings in Settles Autonomous Zone?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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