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    Angela Davis Is Still Committed To Change.

    Angela Davis continues to be invaluable to the progression of African Americans.

    Angela Davis’s quotes are legendary and seem like they come from someone who has long ago faded away. Yet, Angela Davis is alive, well, active, and still being a thorn in corporate capitalism’s side.

    Known as one of the first three women to make to America Most Wanted list, Angela Davis is a certified G. Often though, the Civil Rights or Black Panthers are thought of as ancient. So it may surprise some young people that Ms. Davi’s contributions to the movement continue today.

    ‘”We are recognizing that racism is indeed institution and structural, it is embedded into the very fabric of this country”

    During a recent interview with Steve Clemons of Aljazeera, Angela Davis made that statement in regards to present-day protest. She would go on to discuss what she calls the “anti-racism” consciousness. One of the first outwardly spoken people for police abolishment, the author touched on that topic as well. Going on to say ” the police are not equipped to address many of the problems that they are called to address because we never actually decided what kind of a society we want to live in”.

    Angel Davis recently spoke at a protest following the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. However, she emphasized that while the times are exciting, society must remember that the problem of global capitalism.

    Every day people show that race isn’t an issue when people don’t pay it any mind. America is and always has been a melting pot of people that work, play, gamble, drink, and live together.

    Check out the full interview below.

    Do you think there is an Anti-Racism conscious awakening?

    What are your thoughts on Angela Davis’s interview with Aljazeera?

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