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    Andy Dick Is A D*ckhead, Has Another Altercation With UBER Driver

    Andy Dick is a punk-ass celebrity who thinks he can treat people like trash.

    Andy Dick might want to think about switching to LYFT. Because his last few rides with UBER is causing him trouble. Firstly the comedian is accused of groping his male uber drive back in April 2018 and has an active warrant out for his arrest.

    Dick is making life even harder for himself because secondly, a video came out of Andy being slammed to the ground. In the video, you can see an intoxicated Andy trying to take food out of someone’s hands saying “it’s my food now”.

    The tussle ends but the former employee of the month star pursues the man. The guy turned out to be an uber eats driver. Dick proceeds to swing at the man who puts his dukes up to defend himself.

    After that, someone comes behind Andy, grabs him by the shoulders and slams him on the ground.

    The man who does the slamming can be heard saying “do swing on my little brother”. Moreover, spectators are heard in the background ” we gonna be on TMZ“. Andy walks away clearly defeated and drunk. The actor has had a history of struggling with drugs and alcohol.

    Andy’s wife recently got a restraining order against him and said he has fallen off the wagon. Substance abuse is a real problem hopefully Andy can get the help he needs before it’s too late.

    However, he may have to wait until next week because TMZ broke the story this morning that Dick is set to be arraigned today in the groping case from 2018

    What do guys think does Andy need jail or does he need a rehab facility?

    Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Gazette Review


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