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    Andrew Yang Reveals His Favorite Jay-Z Song

    In today’s world, pop culture has a heavier influence in the face of politics. President Obama and Biden released several playlists during their presidency. Even politicians have referenced song lyrics from HipHop artists during Donald Trump’s court proceedings. The unthinkable happened once again when NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang revealed his favorite Jay-Z song during an interview. The politician’s answer will surprise HipHop fans.

      The NYC Mayoral Candidate Reveals His Favorite Rapper

    via The AV Club

    It’s always interesting to learn the musical taste of our favorite politicians. As Andrew Yang makes his rounds around town in an effort to win the vote for New York’s newest Mayor, he drops a few details about himself. Particularly, during an interview on Ziwe with host Ziwe Fumudoh, Yang revealed his love for HipHop music. “I listened to a lot of hip-hop during like the 90s and 2000s,” he told Ziwe. When the host asks Yang to name his favorite rappers, the mayoral candidate names Nas and Jay-Z. The two legendary emcees have been regarded as the rap kings of New York, making Yang’s choice all the more fitting.

    Furthermore, Ziwe insisted that Andrew Yang name his favorite Jay-Z song. Of course, no one can be a Jay-Z fan without naming their favorite Hov song. In a leaked clip from the interview scheduled for May 23rd, Yang shared that his really loves “Numb/Encore.” Technically, the song belongs to long-time rock band Linkin Park and featured Jay-Z on the track. Fortunately, Yang made up for his earlier answer by adding “N***as in Paris” as his back-up choice. Careful not to offend anyone, Yang immediately referred to the title as “Ninjas in Paris.” He has got good taste in music, that’s for sure. If Yang becomes the next mayor of New York, he’ll be one hip politician.

                      Jay-Z’s Not A Fan Of Andrew Yang

    via BrooklynVegan

    While NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang fanboys over Jay-Z, the rap mogul certainly isn’t a fan of him. Back in April, Jay-Z cast his vote in former CitiGroup CEO Ray McGuire, in an effort to replace the current NYC mayor at the time. Other hip-hop greats such as Nas, Diddy and Steve Stoute helped endorsed the CitiGroup CEO as well. There’s no information yet on why Jay-Z didn’t support Yang but we’re sure it stings a little. Hov clearly doesn’t see Andrew Yang as leader material.




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