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    Andrew Kung’s Photography Says ‘More’ Than 1,000 Words

    You’ve all heard the cliche. “A picture can say 1,000 words” at just a glance in its direction. Andrew Kung’s photography speaks volumes on how deeply rooted his passion is for the craft. Having been in the photo profession for a mere 365 days (1 year), it’s obvious that his being behind the lens is definitely a God-given ability.

    “My girlfriend got me into photography. She connected me with some of my first models to shoot through her connections in the fashion industry.”

    In this series of shots, Kung’s prime focus are various landscapes in natural form. Whether in a concrete jungle, or a large, grassy field with blue skies, his eye clearly paints the visual in a straightforward perspective. “Minimalism” in photography is a pretty good way to describe what you’ll see below. However his shots speak 1,000 words and then some.

    “My inspiration is drawn from being around creative people. I love to do photography – outside of my 9-5. When I pick up my camera, I’m in another world… a different zone.”

    “Im passionate about mentoring. I’m not afraid of taking that chance to follow my passion in photography. Years from now, i’ll be that spokesperson to those seeking inspiration, seeking their way into the craft.”


    You can see more of Andrew Kung’s work at his

    Words /// Clark Kennedy

    Photography /// Andrew Kung

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