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    And in this Corner, We have the Undefeated Champ…Drizzy DRAKE!

    Whether it’s a rap battle or courtroom case, you can bet your money Drizzy Drake will win!

    According to The Blast, Drake has won his legal battle against Hebrew Hustle. The two duked it out in court back in 2014, following a lawsuit the company issued against the rapper, regarding some illegal sampling the rapper used on one of his records. Unfortunately for the music company, they didn’t win that case. They did, however, win a countersuit filed by Drake for the misuse of his image.

    Drake claimed that Hebrew Hustle used his image to promote their business, against his wishes. “[…] The very name of Hebrew Hustle is offensive, as it perpetuates stereotypes regarding persons of Jewish heritage, such as Graham,” his legal team said in court documents. “Graham would have never licensed his name and image to Counterclaim Defendants, and is offended to have been falsely associated with them.”

    Drizzy and Hebrew Hustle settled in court on Monday. Hustle agreed to pay Drake in undisclosed payments.

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