An Inside Look: Bradley Soileau X Profound Aesthetic

Profound Aesthetic

Profound Aesthetic introduces an editorial for its Spring/Summer 2016 collection featuring Bradley Soileau. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 release, titled “Flight Through The Gardens,” plays with lightweight, military-inspired clothing in summer shades. Usually utilitarian and austere pieces are given a fresh update with bold color-block panels, intricate graphics and typography. This pullover jacket is embellished with multiple flags from around the world on its sleeves, and features the word Profound on the front of the jacket on a contrasting white panel, accentuated by quilted detail.

New York-based label Profound Aesthetic aims to merge the internal and the external, the conceptual and the material in their progressive designs that perpetuate a new manner of dressing and thought. The brand focuses on adorning tops and outerwear with bold visuals and provocative phrases, modernizing graphic wear for our current age.

The story starts around the word “flight”. Manmade flight verses that of nature. Engineered flight verses the wings of a bird. The visual of a rush through a garden of roses. Imagine flying a plane through a field of flowers at full speed. Liberation. Inspired a lot by the moods of old Japanese gardens. Saw a few on our last trip to Tokyo. Those visuals still linger. The places you travel give you a part of the experience to hold onto eternally. Your travels become your DNA. Soft creams against oxbloods. Washed camels against pigment dyed blacks. Calm pinks and burnt bananas. Each graphic tells a story. Human experiences. Many being personal. Observe a blossom and appreciate the process of the bloom. Flight through the Gardens. Enjoy the experience.


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