Amerikanah S/S 2015 Collection Embraces Contradiction


“War is freedom. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

These don’t sound like quotables at all. There must be a deeper meaning this, right?

“Our military inspired jackets and anti-war graphics is not only contradicting, but touches deep issues which is rare for new urban brands. With detachable logo patches we have brought something new to street-wear that hasn’t been done before.” Explained Roobyns Felix, the owner and head designer of Amerikanah.

“The new collection is filled with anti-establishment graphics and bold propaganda. The radical graphics and dark aesthetics will have both adults and teens raising eyebrows and turning heads.”

In all honesty, this collection reveals what America wants you to believe. It’s unfortunate, but very true. Society doesn’t teach our people the truth – it’s preaches lies and deception. People live their lives everyday, brainwashed by what the media teaches them. There is actually some truth to these statements, in a subliminal way.

To see more, Collection dropped yesterday, April 20th, (Patriots Day).


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