Amber Rose Hosted Her First Slutwalk in Los Angeles

Amber Rose

Amber Rose hosted her first SlutWalk in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Amber Rose-1

Yesterday, Amber Rose and hundreds of supporters gathered in LA for her SlutWalk as a reminder to all women that “My Clothes are Not My Consent.”

Slutwalks are basically a protest against rape and a call to end rape. The movement was started by policeman making the statement in 2011 that “if woman did not want to be raped, they should not wear the clothes that they wear.”

Rose took to Instagram with a picture of her mother holding a sign saying “F–k yo 30 Showers,” which was a reference to a statement made by Kanye West who said he had to take 30 showers before he got with Kim Kardashian.

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Rose raised over $55,000 for her walk with the goal being $65,000 so she can “support our foundation and groups and organizations of women who have been subject to slut shaming, a lack of implication of double standards, sexual assault, and even rape.”

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