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Amber Guyger Guilty of Murdering Innocent Black Neighbor

Amber Guyger, the woman who killed an innocent black man in his own apartment home, has just been found guilty.

After sitting in deliberation for less than a day, a jury has determined that Amber Guyger is guilty of the murder of Bothman Shem Jean.

Here’s what the Jean’s family lawyer had to say about Tuesday’s results.

“On behalf of the family of Botham Shem Jean, thank you Dallas County for delivering the proper murder conviction of Amber Guyger. Botham did not deserve to die. His family deserved justice.”

The incident took place last year on September 6 in Dallas, Texas. Amber is said to have been returning home when she accidentally entered the wrong apartment. She shot Bothman, who did not have a weapon on him, dead on the spot.

The story has attracted widespread attention across the nation. Following the verdict, Bothman’s family hugged in celebration. As for outside the courtroom, CNN reports that there were screams of joy as well as chants of “black lives matter.”

Amber, an ex-cop, is looking at serving a maximum of life in prison.

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Featured Image Credit: CNN

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