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    Altered Carbon Season 2 quick thoughts

    Don’t RD!

    Altered Carbon Season 2 is a series of its own. Yes, its the next part of the Altered Carbon story but with a different approach. Everything about season 2 is different from the last one. There is a new Takeshi Kovacs played by Anthony Mackie (Captain America 2, Detriot, Pain & Gain). His version is different from the original one played by Joel Kinnaman( Hanna, Robocop).

    Altered Carbon Season 2 quick thoughts

    Differences and similarities in the series.

    Where season one mostly focuses on action and mystery, season 2 focuses on action and suspense. The sleeves or bodies that Kovac uses are served for different purposes. Whereas season one, Joel Kinnaman’s body uses his brain more than his brawn, season’s 2 Anthony Mackie body balance the mind and brawn.

    The dialogue is still high, and the support characters help develop the main characters. The story goes deep into the Envoy story and what happens to Quellcrist Falconer. The pacing of season 2 is excellent. It doesn’t langer too much on one subject and movies the story along.

    The story isn’t as complicated as the first seasons, but it will still have you enjoying this season. There is more action, and the fight sequences are good. The season si easy to follow even if you miss an episode, but we suggest that you don’t.

    Who is the better Kovac?

    There is no better Kovac then all the Kovacs. Takeshi Kovac is growing to be a name that may come up for a series Icon. He is smart, loyal, and knows when a team is needed.

    Each Kovac sleeve has its unique style. Joel Kinnaman Takeshi uses its brain more than its fists, but will still whip ass if he has to. Mackie’s version is more action pack. He still uses his mind but not as much as Joel’s. So, it’s a tie.

    No matter what Envoy you pick, they will get the job done, and if you disagree, comment below and let us know.

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