Rising Artist Ali Gatie Drops Emotionally Charged New Single “Can’t Lie”

Rising Artist Ali Gatie Drops Emotionally Charged

Following the success of his soulful single “Losing You,” Mississauga, Ontario native, Ali Gatie releases an emotionally charged single “Can’t Lie,” which identifies with the same tonalities and underpinnings of his genuis musical discography fueled by honest and raw lyrical content over incendiary sound waves.  Featuring a smooth beat, courtesy of Shumxi, the foundation of the track is coupled with gentle coaxing lyricism from the 20 year old artist. “Can’t Lie” is a song that depicts the confession of longing for someone who you know is a detriment. If you can relate, experience the door track above and stay tuned for more from Ali Gator in 2018!


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