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    Alexis Skyy Seasonal D*ck Approved!!

    Alexis Skyy is the center of attention in the world of drama and gossip. Now it seems that she got a new babe.

    The Love & Hip-hop reality star has been known to pop off. It’s nothing for Skyy to speak her mind in the heat of the moment. Now it seems as though she’s back to her normal shenanigans with a new babe. That’s right, Alexis Skyy seasonal d*ck is approved.

    Furthermore, she and the Atlanta rapper decided to put it out on the press that they are together. Allegedly Skyy is dating the rapper trouble and decided to share it on her Instagram.


    Above all, at the moment the two seem extremely happy. However, as always it’s another drama-filled storyline on the way. A model by the name of Marissa Da’Nae claims that her Skyy used to be her friend. In addition that Skyy stole her man from her. It took literally no time for Marissa to throw shade on the couple’s relationship.

    Marissa is far from ugly, and can surely pull just about any dude that she wants. As far as Alexis she has already been connected to relationships with Fetty Wap and rapper Lucci.

    In conclusion, do you think Alexis Skyy seasonal d*ck will last long? How long before she officially dumps Trouble? Is Fetty Wap still smashing? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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