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Alexis Skyy Is One Freaky B*tch for F*cking Girl with Cucumber

In 2019, fruit and vegetables are no longer sought after for their nutritional value. Nope, that’s a thing of the past now. Just ask Alexis Skyy. In 2019, they have transformed into the go-to objects for ladies who wish to show off their deep-throating skills.

And if you want to know, cucumbers rank as the most popular fruit to use and are also Alexis Skyy approved.

This past weekend, Reginae Carter and Alexis got in on the action. But don’t get too excited, these ladies weren’t there to deep throat the salad topping, they were just there to watch. However, they got wrapped up in some drama before the night even ended. One of them more than the other.

Let’s shift our focus to Alexis Skyy.

Alexis Skyy f-cked a girl with a cucumber– and yes you heard that right– she literally rammed a cucumber in a girl’s mouth before taking the same cucumber and ramming it up to the girl’s vagina, as if it were a sex toy. It was all caught on tape.

Plenty of words come to mind when trying to describe this video, but the one that keeps coming back is the word “nasty.” This is nasty! Why are women deep throating cucumbers at a party, and why is it becoming the norm.

We don’t know, but Alexis doesn’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, she says it was for fun. HotNewHipHop has Alexis’ thoughts on the party activity.

“Y’all talking about this goddamn cucumber. This girl was a fucking porn star. The girl is a whole porn star, she’s the one that told me to put it in there, I was like ‘wow.’ The alcohol was in our systems and we were just having a good time.”

Alexis also shared her thoughts on the alleged rumor that she ended the night getting into a fight.

The reality star claims it was not her, but she doesn’t deny the cucumber situation.


If this is any indication that the world is coming to an end then we must not have long.

Thoughts? What do you think after watching Alexis Skyy fuck a girl with a cucumber? Leave a comment below.

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