Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2016


Alexander Wang is back with a minimalist perspective that resembles the style of New York City, a vision we have all been waiting for. After his departure from Balenciaga, many of us were left questioning how he would take this energy and use it to expand his own name. But Mr. Wang left us with no worry as he revealed his Pre-Fall 2016 collection which is inspired by “subverted bourgeois”.

His collection is said to explore the intertwined concepts of “masculinity and femininity; irony and hardware”, which mediates a creative space in which all types of clothing can coexist. But in other words, the collection is relatable and easily identifiable in everyone’s closet. He was able to unearth the complexity and simplicity of style that has no limits and boundaries. He broke the rules and revamped the clothing into pieces that he and his team support.

Wang stuck to the basics, deconstructed the silhouettes and really narrowed his attention to what his brand is known for. Questioning the vision of the collection is definitely evident as Wang was able to deliver another terrific collection.

Check out the collection here at Vogue.


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