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    Alex Sandra Unveiled Her Beautiful New Single “Take Me Home”

    Ready to capitalize on her rising rank and growing velocity, Alex Sandra has unveiled her beautiful new single, “Take Me Home,” alongside a simultaneous music video.

    She is known for her smash hit “Mr. Saxobeat,” released in 2010. Her fans landed her in the top 3 on the UK Single chart and the No. 1 in Denmark, Germany, Austria, and many others.

    “Take Me Home” Alex explains that she had a very traumatized childhood, which made music her one and only companion for having a peaceful and quiet time to herself. Once her headphones were on, and the music started hitting her, it opened up a new world full of adventure and opportunities. The music video looks more like an acoustic guitar live in the clip. The camera shots swap up the concert. Alexandra Stan makes it work, showing emotional energy through the camera.

    Stream Take Me Homeon Spotify.

    Connect with Alex Sandra: YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify


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