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    Alex Lustig releases a vibrant new single, “Snow In The Distance,” from LP Fate (B-Sides)

    Acclaimed producer Alex Lustig shares his latest project, the LP Fate (B-Sides), a continuation of his musical journey that began with the release of Fate in 2022. This eleven-track album, created by the Belgium-born, Toronto-based artist, invites listeners to immerse themselves in a dreamlike soundscape of hypnotic rhythms, mesmerizing synths, and soothing beats.

    The lead single from the LP, “Snow In The Distance,” showcases a captivating fusion of delicate synths and a grounded rhythm. The bass line is the track’s heartbeat, creating a consistent and resonant foundation for the airy tonal melodies that rise and fall throughout the song.

    In “Neo,” Alex collaborates with South Korean R&B artist SUMIN, blending frenetic BPM with ethereal vocals to create a unique, turbulent, and calming soundscape. The track’s title pays homage to SUMIN’s roots, as ‘neo’ means ‘you’ in Korean.

    Alex teams up with London-based singer Sølv on the darkly enchanting track “Fade.” The song opens with a metronomic bass line, which is soon complemented by Sølv’s haunting vocals and atmospheric synths. This transcendental club track delivers a rich, immersive listening experience.

    The LP’s closing track, “Void,” features celestial synths and crystalline, bell-like tones, creating a serene and luminous atmosphere. Alex Lustig’s signature production style envelopes listeners in a sonic bubble of pure, radiant sound.

    Fate (B-Sides) is a testament to Alex Lustig’s talent and dedication to his craft. His exploration of atmospheric and dreamy sounds results in a captivating and uplifting listening experience that transcends genres.

    Connect with Alex Lustig: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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