Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

    ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Imperfect Storm’ – EP by Wale



    Last Friday, Wale released a beautiful EP titled The Imperfect Storm. The EP consists of 6 tracks that tackle the civil rights issues happening in the world right now. Wale previewed the album art which showed a picture from one of the protests, foreshadowing that the EP would go beyond just music.


    “MOVIN’ DIFFERENT” is the first track on the album. It has a funky beat to it, however the lyrics say otherwise. Wale raps about the protests and lootings that haven taken place over the past couple weeks. He even references that the lootings happened to a friend of his saying “My dawg got looted, said it’s fair but it’s hard”. This implies that the friend knew that the lootings were happening so that change could take place. There is an interlude in the middle of the track from a protest news reporter in which she describes the scene. It is a powerful song to say the least. 


    The next track is “EMPTY WISHING WELL” which has more of an R&B ballad feel. The song features Eric Bellinger’s vocals which bring it to the next level. The song has strong lyrics that reveal a deep message about everything going on right now. In the outro, Wale says “We matter, we matter”, referring to the Black Lives Matter movement. The song addresses reconciliation of current race relations and masks them as “romantic” relationships. 


    Then,  “BLUE YELLOW GREEN PINK AND WHITE” comes in with high energy and a catchy chorus. It almost sounds like a song that would go viral on TikTok. It has a rhythm comparable to the “Cha-Cha Slide”. Wale’s flow in this song is unmatched as he continues to deliver a message. 


    “JUNE 5TH / QueenZnGodZ” talks about police brutality and racism against black people. Wale describes June 5th as just another day of racism within the United States. He mentions that each day it just seems to get worse and worse. This is the reason for the title of the track. This is such a moving song as it describes the hardships that black people face through systemic racism. There is a section in the middle of the song of a woman yelling about how Target should be on the side of the protestors. The track seems to switch up half way through to a different beat that is smoother. There is definitely a lot to unpack with this song and it’s heavy.


    “SHIT DON’T STOP” is a short song that talks about police brutality. The audio quality is authentic as it almost sounds like a demo. I almost wish it were longer because Wale sounds so effortless. The outro of the track is in remembrance of the recent death of Oluwatoyin Salau, a Nigerean girl who was recently killed. 


    The last but certainly not least track is “MAAJO”. This is another upbeat track which actually features the self-titled song “Maajo” by the dance group Maajo. This song does a great job of wrapping up the EP. It is a beautiful finale to this epic work.


    All together, this album is a masterpiece of its time. The lyrics of these tracks are powerful and Wale does not hold back one bit. This EP is perfectly relevant to what is going on in the world right now. The Imperfect Storm should hold over for a long time because it’s just that good. Again, we see another artist lending their voice to the revolution. This EP was perfectly delivered.


    Stream The Imperfect Storm here:


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    Drake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a songDrake Alleges That He Dated SZA in a song

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