Air Jordan 4 Royalty Brings Extra Class to Sneakerheads

Air Jordan 4 Royalty Brings

Air Jordan 4 Royalty Brings 1
Air Jordan 4 Royalty. The name says it all. “Royalty” obviously explains itself on why its one of the most appealing pair of Jordan’s that were released.

Whenever customers anticipate a new release of Michael Jordan’s famous footwear brand, they never want anything too flashy or with bright colors. But instead prefer a more neutral color with a dip of jazz to even out the mood of the sneakers, which is exactly what the Air Jordan 4 Royalty consists of.

Scheduled to be released this week on February 4th, the Royalty is featured with a black suede design just like the other 4’s, but this pair will be an outcast compared to the others because of the crisp metallic gold that lights up the Jumpman brand symbol. A successful sneaker can never go wrong with the “Black & Gold” feature, the two major colors that people love to wear separately, or together.

Although it speaks a difference from its own genre of Air Jordan 4’s, there are other styles that are still superior in the Jordan franchise. For example, The Jordan Retros so far have been the best selling style since the release of the Retro 5’s. Retro tends to give a very satisfying look of styles to the game.

The all time favorite would be the Retro 6’s. It keeps a slick design with a variety of maroon and white, crisp black and white, or even the sassy purple and black for the women.

Credit: Zuliesuivie Ball


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