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    B.D.C. & Ava Louise Release New Video, Skinny Legend Anthem 2

    After a long-awaited debut, Nilladriz has released his new music video, Skinny Legend Anthem 2 featuring B.D.C. and Ava Louise. Most known for her appearance on OWN’s Dr. Phil, Ava Louis has turned into Hollywood’s disappointment.  Louis has continued to shock her fan with her outlandish games and publicity stunts. From licking a toilet seat on a plane peak COVID-19 to spontaneous inappropriate dance moves this socialite has risen to fame almost overnight. Internet star Ava Louise is igniting chatter with her latest video, “Skinny Legend Anthem 2,” featuring Big D. Chima. Her original video, previously recorded over 30 million streams across all platforms and hit number 6 on TikTok music charts.

    Directed by Nilladriz, the veteran in the game has worked with the iconic artists such as; Fetty Wap, Reggie Mills, Hefna380, and Skinnyfromthe9. If you like to have fun and turn up, this video is perfect for you. The video which features several beautiful women, good vibes and pure shenanigans. This visual reminds you of Spring Break in Panama City Beak in Florida. It is a vibe of good times and authentic summer chic. Chima does a great job of creating a visual that matches high energy spirit.

    Viewers will note the back and forth between Louise and Chima, which stands out the most in this video. You will even see her swagged out in Chanel mits, flaunting off her bodacious body for her fans and followers.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on the music. What caught your attention the most in this video? Tell us your opinion below!


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