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Adrien Broner Unleashes Rounds of Homophobic Death Threats

Adrien Broner is losing his cool, after being accused of flirting with another man.

In a social media rant, Broner lets everyone know that he is not down with the LGBTQ community. In fact, Broner implies that if it comes down to it, he has no problem with hurting someone who identifies as gay.

Broner posted the comments on Tuesday.

“If any f*g, punk ass n**** come run up on me, trying to touch me on all that gay sh*t, I’m letting you know right now — if I ain’t got my gun on me, I’m knocking you the f*ck out.”

But he doesn’t stop there. He also adds that he has a gun, and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on someone.

“If I got my gun on me, I’m shooting you in the f*cking face, and that’s on God and them. I’m not playing with none of these n****s. I don’t like gay sh*t.”

Broker’s lashing out comes just after Andrew Caldwell accuses him of flirting. According to Caldwell, the boxer has left messages in his DMs, in an attempt to connect

However, AD denies that the allegations are true.

Thoughts? Do you think Andrew Caldwell is telling the truth? Is Adrien Broner homophobic? Share with us what you think, by leaving a comment..

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