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Adam Silver Defends NBA Players Against Going to the White House

The NBA has a mind of it’s own, and it’s not easily penetrated by outside thought.

Adam Silver, league commissioner, say’s it’s up to players and members of the organization to make their own decisions. Recently, it’s obvious that the NBA tends to stir clear of visiting the White House. According to TMZ, since Donald Trump became president, he hasn’t received one visit from a championship team.

Silver say’s that’s not his decision to enforce, but if players wanted to visit after this year’s championship then that’s fine too. Either way, Silver is staying out of it. In fact, Silver believes it’s great that players at least have a lasting relationship with the former U.S. president, Barack Obama.

“A lot of our players still have relationships with President Obama and I think it’s wonderful.”

Obama is not just a favorite among players, he’s also a favorite of Silver. So much that Silver and Obama are partnering up to do some great things. Obama is actually getting ready to partner with the NBA to bring a special project to the motherland.

“President Obama is doing a lot with the NBA. We announced down in Charlotte at the All-Star game that he was gonna be involved in Africa with us, we’re starting a league down there. He’s one of our partners.”

In Obama’s eight years in office, he struck a friendship with a lot of NBA players. Last year, the Golden State Warriors even opted to visit him instead of Trump.

Though this year could turn out differently. There are still a few teams remaining in the NBA finals. We’ll see if the winning team plans on indulging in some fast food catering after the big win.

Thoughts? Do you think it should be a requirement for NBA players to visit the White House? Leave your thoughts below.

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