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    Pharoah Sanders, Acclaimed Jazz Player, Dies at 61

    Pharoah Sanders, a jazz musician passes away at the age of 61. How sad it is to watch all the greats pass away when we know there are no replacements. Mile Davis, who is outright the greatest jazz trumpeter of all time set the tone for musicians like Pharoah. Undoubtedly, jazz is a smooth genre, meant to stimulate and relax. Melodic belts roaring from Pharoah’s saxophone proves that he is a Miles Davis in his own right. According to Los Angeles Times,  owing to John Coltrane for his rapid rise to fame and success, his talents were magnified during his time in his ensemble. Pharoah’s resume includes a solo run for Impulse Records in the mid 1960s. His contribution would help distinguish the spiritual-jazz movement.

    “We are devastated to share that Pharoah Sanders has passed away. He died peacefully surrounded by loving family and friends in Los Angeles early September 24th. Always and forever the most beautiful human being, may he Rest In Peace.”

    Who is Pharoah Sanders?

    Certainly, the musician’s legacy leaves behind a legacy that is almost impossible to live up to. His career spans over six decades, according to NME. Originally born Farrell Sanders, he adopted his pseudonym from Sun Ra. During his career, he joined John Coltrane’s band, being a part of the ensemble until Coltrane’s death in 1967. Many of the musician’s friends took to social media to offer their heartfelt condolences.

    Surely, Sander’s saxophone is a force to be reckoned with, wowing audiences for six long decades. After acquiring fame from John Coltrane, taking his legacy and turning into leadership. Of course, he released dozens of albums during his career. The legendary saxophonist will never be forgotten.


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