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Aaron Carter Desperate to Revive His Dying Music Career

Aaron Carter is an interesting character, but then again, so is all of Hollywood.

However, Aaron Carter is merging into a lane all of his own toxicity. The singer is trying to get back into the music industry, after somewhat of a hiatus. However, there’s a few things standing in his way of making a full-blown comeback.

His family.

Aaron, who’s been struggling lately with all sorts of things, claims the only way he’ll get back to center stage is if he drops the dead weight holding him from his dreams. He reveals that he will be leaving behind his family, all except his beloved mother, in order to reach his goals.

“Right now I don’t have the time for anybody else in my family except for my mother.”

He goes on.

“That’s just where I want to keep it. I love my brother. I love my family. But right now I have to put myself first and I have to keep myself clean and sober and I can’t have any triggers in my life. And I have to maintain a positive attitude and be who I am.”

Aaron is hoping to relaunch his singing career. Page Six even confirms that he has a new EP on its way out. It just needs a little bit more work, thus the reason Aaron is distancing himself from all things he considers to be toxic.

In his opinion, it’s the only way to tap into that talent he known for an as a kid. And if he does it right, he claims he’ll be a living legend.

“I want to be known for my music and not from the drama,” he continued. “I want to be remembered for my current music, not my past.”

Hopefully, mom can help.

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Featured Image: CNN

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