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    A$AP Rocky Sweden’s Bitch Now! He Ain’t Getting Out!!

    A$AP Rocky is being treated like an animal, as he rots away in a Swedish jail cell.

    Swedish officials are holding the New York rapper, after a fight broke out between him and a couple of scamming locals. Just about a week ago, A$AP was originally in Sweden with his team preparing for a performance. It’s official A$ap Rocky Sweden’s bitch from here on out.

    A fist fight broke out, but videos don’t show any evidence that A$AP and his team were the aggressors. Judging by the video, it appears to be quite the opposite. But officials wrongfully arrested Rocky instead.

    Which, you know, isn’t too surprising. A$AP is a black man after all, which makes him a target for all types of unnecessary bullshit. Including being tossed in jail.

    Now, according to TMZ, Sweden is attempting to hold A$AP for at least two weeks until they can figure out the root of the problem. Though it’s pretty clear what that is. The proof is literally in the video.

    For those wondering, A$AP is in a living nightmare. TMZ reports that during the first five days of his stay, he’s eaten nothing but five apples– one for each day. The reason is because the water is dirty and the food isn’t edible.

    Not to mention he’s sleeping on a yoga mat, as his neighbor in the opposite cell throws his feces all over the place.

    And when a U.S. official went to visit him, as part of a special treaty between Sweden and the United States, he was denied. However, what he saw was enough.

    The official states that Rocky is, without any doubt, in a “disease ridden” environment.

    However, that isn’t slowing down Rocky’s team. They are working on a solution to get him out.

    Hopefully, before he dies of starvation and dehydration.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about A$AP Rocky being treated like an animal? Is A$ap Rocky Sweden’s bitch? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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