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    A “Time Out” Raiquan Thomas? Nah, Keep Going!

    James Madison University seems to have something in the water, or is the upcoming Pharrell produced festival rubbing off on all of Virginia? Nonetheless, Raiquan Thomas calls for a timeout but I think he needs to pass go and keep applying pressure.

    The JMU senior partners up with fellow JMU comrades Joseph Nichols and Shank Rai to lay down one heavy hitter of a track. The airy beat accompanied by pockets of rap perfection was enough to certify this cut as hip-hop gold. I’m more than sure that the song will lead you to the same conclusion.


    In all, big ups to my fellow JMU Dukes for delivering a solid cut. Don’t leave this page without giving “Time Out” a peep and thanks for checking in with Hypefresh for your latest hip hop needs!


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