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    A Texas Rapper Murders Beyonce’s Cousin

    Tragedy can happen at any place, any time. Probably one of the most tragic experiences happen when a family member ends up murdered. This past week, reports surfaced of a Texas murdering of an upcoming rapper. However, the rising emcee isn’t just any new star. Sources revealed that the undiscovered talent was none other than Beyonce’s cousin.

                          The Murder of Beyonce’s Cousin

    Beyonce's Cousin
    via CBS Austin

    There’s nothing more heartbreaking than learning about the death of a loved one. Texas female rapper Sasha Skare reportedly shot and killed Martell Deouren last month. Sources presume the victim as allegedly Beyonce Knowles’ cousin.

    Furthermore, both Deouren and Skare were on-the-rise rappers who collaborated over a few tracks. Back in April 2020, Skare released a single that Deouren helped produce. Apparently, things took a wrong turn in their work relationship at some point.

    The arrest affidavit shows that neighbors overheard an argument between a man and woman, followed by gunshots. Surveillance cameras show Skare leaving Deouren’s apartment right after the shooting. Shortly after, police arrested Skare for the alleged murdering of Beyonce Knowle’s cousin. The Texas rapper got slammed with a felony-charge for first degree murder. However, Martell Deouren’s murder hadn’t been the Skare’s first charge. Back in 2019, she made the Marshal’s Most Wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Additionally, the Texas rapper involved herself in a fatal shooting that same year.

    In light of her alleged cousin’s death, Beyonce has failed to release any commentary. Though, we’re hopefully that she’ll share a few words.

                           Martell Deouren’s Rise To Fame

    Beyonce's Cousin
    via The Mirror

    It seems nowadays that so many rising emcee’s die day in and day out. Martell Deouren, the alleged cousin of Queen Bey, wanted to join the family business in the entertainment world. Like so many talents today, Deouren yearned to become a rapper. He often went by the rapper alias Kardone and got signed to the Sony Music label The Orchard in 2019. While trying to make a name for himself, he never once used Beyonce’s stardom.

    In statement released after his death, Deouren’s friend Brian Mitchell explained that he relied on his own devices to achieve success. “That’s not even something he would even mention to people.” While Deouren shared relations with Beyonce, he obviously didn’t use her to his advantage. Deouren was just another promising talent gone too soon.



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