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    A Struggling Rapper Demands P. Diddy Listen To His Demo Record

    New rappers get discovered everyday. Unfortunately, not every great talent gets approached by a record label. Luckily, some undiscovered stars don’t give up on their dreams, especially struggling rapper Isaiah Smalls. The unknown emcee; however, may have overstepped his bounds when he showed up to P. Diddy’s home demanding the producer to listen to his demo record. Unfortunately, things took a turn when P. Diddy’s security removed the struggling rapper off the premises.

    The Struggling Rapper Demands Diddy’s Attention

    struggling rapper
    via BBC

    As a struggling artist, the journey to success can turn into a long and grueling process. For one, receiving rejections can be downright hard to stomach. While some stars keep pushing on, others grow more desperate.

    On Saturday, unknown rapper Isaiah Smalls showed up to Puff Daddy’s gated entrance in Los Angeles, demanding that the Bad Boy producer listen to his demo. At the time of the trespassing, the rap mogul wasn’t home. Unfortunately, Smalls’ demands fell on death ears.

    Security Removes The Artist Off Diddy’s Premises

    struggling rapper
    via NewsBreak

    Furthermore, TMZ reported that security denied the rapper entry onto the premises. However, Smalls didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Instead, he leapt over the fence onto Puff’s property. Clearly, Smalls would force an answer out of the rap mogul one way or another. Smalls didn’t get very far when security detained him and waited for the police. Isaiah Smalls was then arrested and taken to jail but released an hour later.

    There’s no information on whether or not P. Diddy pressed charges on the undiscovered artist. If not, hopefully he listens to Small’s demo in the end.


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