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    A Review Of One True God’s “Love Lockdown” Cover

    One True God Delivers Raw Lyrics

    According to a press release, “Much of [One True God’s] sonic style is built on emotive, darker thematics such as the challenging parts of love and romance, paired with the angsty bass elements and mid tempo melodies.” It makes sense that the artist’s sound is a perfect match for the moody and experimental jam by Ye. Genius reports that this track was one of the first in which Ye began to challenge his reputation for being an exclusively hip-hop artist.

    Although this is a cover, the lyrics perfectly mirror One True God’s real life struggles with romance. The lyrics are relatable because they intimately reflect Ye’s love life. They portray lovers who are unable to give themselves entirely to each other. “I’m not loving you/’Way I wanted to”. Many people know how it feels to be in love with someone who is unwilling to open up about their true feelings, or they may be the one to struggle with vulnerability in a relationship.

    Introspective love lyrics pair perfectly with a high-energy beat because admitting that a relationship is not working out can be painful. The unique sound is fit for escaping relationship problems. It also serves to usher in the next generation of love-scorned songbirds and their club bangers. The enduring love lyrics will give party-goers something to reflect on for the walk home.

    People are much more in control of their lives and situations than they think they are. That’s just an important message, I feel. And it resonates deeply with me. I think that dedicating a project to that belief was important.” – One True God about his artist name.

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    1. God gave us all the greatest gift of free will choice.
      So, yes, he is right. People are indeed much more “in control of their lives and situations than they think they are.”
      God does give us signs though to help us realize whether we are on the right track or not. It’s called fruitfulness.

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