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    A Playlist For Swimming At The Public Pool Summer 2022

    With brunch on the menu nowadays and public pools, any American girl can be an American princess. America seemingly has more free social programs than China. Check out these hip-hop and R&B tracks for when you’re kickin’ it at the public pool this summer.

    1. Feel A Calm Breeze

    Eminem used to be the blond bleached rapper of middle-America. “I went platinum then so did my album!” Now he’s in Cali’ with Snoop Dogg, props. That’s ‘hood inspiration, and the music video is plain entertaining.

    2. Christmas In July

    “Good Days” According to SZA her good mood is the result of a mantra, not a belief system. Her official commentary reads, “believe everyday has the tiniest possibility to be better than the last”. Plus, she sings like a city-slicking mermaid!

    3. Boy, I’m A Freak

    “Pole Dancer” “My DMs full of you b*tches and some broke rappers!” Take a family-friendly swim break from the demands of club life. Wale and Meg Thee Stallion surely set the vibe.

    4. King Of The Hill

    Drake’s “Sticky” takes you on a journey. “You know it’s a steep one!” Take a load off with a dip in the pool. Be kind to your joints, they keep you upright.

    5. You Got Me Feelin’ Blue

    The sensitive boy summer 2022 anthem. “My heart is breaking as we speak!” An island vibe about the cold shoulder.

    6. Precise Gal

    This song samples New Orleans’ bounce music. The southern style complements the urban influenced vocals of NYC-born Cardi B and Miami’s City Girls. Plus, the high energy fits the sexual liberation theme of the lyrics. “Suck up on that clit!”

    7. No Surprise

    Imagine taking your girl to the Chanel store and telling her that she can get anything she wants. That’s Lil Baby’s reality. Do you know why? Because he “gave ’em the drip, they sucked it up!”

    8. Windows Tinted

    Another summer jam with an epic sound. Kendrick Lamar has been manifesting larger than life dreams for the past decade. It makes sense then to these two heavy-hitting rappers that “the girl of your dreams to [them] is a fan!”

    9. Get My Angle

    DJ Khaled brought some of the hottest new names in rap together. This summer banger is a blast, and the music video is full of stunning shots of Black artists enjoying the luxurious life. This song is perfect for the next pool party.

    10. Makin’ Love

    Future and Lil Uzi Vert aren’t afraid of getting in their feelings. They want to get to know their lovers, and they especially want their lovers to get to know them. “Oh, you think you know my body?”

    11. Ain’t Nobody

    Slow it down with this brooding bop. “I grew up with the trillest niggas, trying not to stay with the fakes!” Moral of the story, if you don’t f*ck them then stay out of their business!

    12. Let’s Just Dance

    “Maybe we should take it to the streets!” Have you ever loved someone so much you wanted to punch them in the face? This song articulates that emotion.

    Which song made your summer 2022 pool songs? How do you cool off during the summer? Do you enjoy visiting the public pool? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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