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    A Must Sign For The Boston Celtics In The 2022 NBA Free Agency

    Boston Celtics NBA Free Agency Moves 2022

    The Boston Celtics are coming off of a disappointing ending to their season losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals 2022. However, this season wasn’t all disappointing for the Celtics. Rising stars Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown showed the world they’re to be considered among the best guys in the NBA. DPOY Marcus Smart also showed promise throughout the season. In the end, the lack of experience showed as they progressed through the NBA Playoffs 2022. Oddly enough, their biggest weakness throughout the playoffs was turnovers.

    The biggest issue or problem the Celtics need to address this offseason is securing a true PG. Meaning, a look to pass first PG before looking to score and occasionally can knock down some big threes to bail out the slashers in Tatum and Brown. An amazing fit for the Celtics that won’t cost much and will be a perfect puzzle piece will be Ricky Rubio. He’s capable of playing north of 25 minutes a game and rarely turns the ball over.  Rubio averages 7.6 assists for his career to 2.6 turnovers a game, according to ESPN . Last year, he played an exceptional role for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They appeared to be showing interest in bringing him back.

    The Celtics may risk getting into a bidding war with the Cavaliers. However, the team can utilize his talents and give him a better shot at competing for an NBA Championship. Rubio can provide Smart a breather coming off the bench to help facilitate and make things easier for them offensively. When Tatum attempted to run the offense while finding ways to create for himself, the Celtics struggled immensely. Rubio can help fill that role and help make the Celtics star’s jobs that much easier.

    Boston Celtics Backup Plan

    Now, if the Celtics get in a bidding war and somehow lose to the Cavaliers, there should be no worries. The Celtics can find peace looking elsewhere, perhaps, in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Nets may not be interested in bringing Bruce Brown back to the Barclays, reported Darren Hartwell for NBC Sports . There are some sneaky roots that trace Brown back to the Boston Celtics. Celtics HC Udoka coached in Brooklyn with Brown, not to mention that he’s also a Massachusetts native.

    The Celtics GM and former HC Brad Stevens explained in great detail why Brown may be a good fit for the Celtics going forward. While many are concerned about the price range of Brown, they believe there’s an opportunity potentially get in a Celtics jersey on a one-and-done deal.

    “They are going to look at guys who can defend. I would not be surprised if they make a pitch for Bruce Brown. He might be out of their price range in the end and maybe he goes back to Brooklyn, but Ime (Udoka) was an assistant there and we’ve seen that carries some weight with who they bring in. He was good in that Celtics series. If he can’t get a big offer, they could sneak in with him on a one-and-one (one year, with a player option) deal and put him to good use,” the GM explained.

    What do you expect from the Boston Celtics NBA free agency 2022 moves?


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