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    A Jamaican Artist Is Suing Jay-z and Beyonce.

    Beyonce and Jay-z are being sued by a Jamaican Artist for their song “Black Effect”.

    Lenora Antoinette Stine is the artist Beyonce and Jay-z are being sued by in reference to their song “Black Effect”. The 68 years old Stine says she feels “violated” and is seeking her just due.

    Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter are two of the most famous entertainers in the world and have made some great music individually and collectively. Their joint album “Everything Is Love” was an instant hit among fans across the globe.

    Leonara Stine wasn’t one of those people who were happy about The carter’s first joint album. In fact, the Jamaican musician was in “shock and horror” when she heard her voice on a song. Even though she said she way explicitly promised that such a thing would not happen.

    According to her lawsuit, Mrs. Stine was contacted by the couple in 2018 to help with some promotional stuff and dancers. Additionally,  she was asked to come in and give her thoughts on a video including her dancers.

    When she got there, she was told she had to sign a document, that she couldn’t take a picture of to send to her lawyer. Representatives assured her that her voice would be used just for the video, but that turned out to be false.

    Her voice can be heard within the first minutes of the “Black effect” on the Carter everything is love album. Thus Beyonce and Jay-z are being sued because Ms. Stine did not agree to be featured on their album. She is seeking damages, rights, and writer credit.  The carters have yet to issue a statement.

    What do you guys think about Beyonce and Jay-z being sued? Are they in the clear because Lenora Stine signed that document? Or should they have to pay up?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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