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    A Deep Dive Into 5 Of The Most Evil Songs In Hip-Hop

    Dissecting Evil Hip-Hop Songs

    Sometimes, the best way to subvert a stereotype is by leaning into it. Rappers are so often criminalized by mainstream society that it makes sense so many rap artists have experimented with embracing the concept of evil. Check out below some of the best made songs about evil.

    1. The Weak or The Strong?

    In “Dead Wrong”, Biggie Smalls plays the part of the most savage rap-crazed criminal ever. Lyrics like, “who you think you’re dealin’ with/Anybody step into my path is f****** feelin’ it” are spit over one of the most menacing beats of all time.

    2. We Are Not the Same

    “Snatch up Rihanna and throw her in front of a f****** train/Sniff a f****** unemployment line of cocaine!” Who is the most evil rapper of all? “Martians v. Goblins” features a truly iconic rap battle of evil.

    3. Success is the Best Revenge

    “Yonkers” won MTV’s music award for “Best New Artist” in 2011. The song ” is certified Gold in the US”. Tyler the Creator has said , “n***** really liked it. That’s so nuts because that s*** was a f****** joke.”

    4. Mannibalector

    These lyrics will make your stomach churn. Ranked one of Complex’s “25 Most Violent Rap Songs”, this track gives new meaning to rapping about meat. “I keep more meat than they keep at Costco’s.”

    5. They’re Both the Evil Twin

    Sometimes dynamic duos are best when they are two of a kind. “If you into it, I’m into it/If you do it, I’ma do it.” Two wrongs make a heap of bad.


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