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    A California Man Sues Cardi B Over A Back Tattoo For $5 Million

    Cardi B never ceases to entertain, even when she’s weathering through a court case. Though, it seems everyone wants a piece of the rap star these days. The mother of two has been in and out of court over these last few months. Her latest court case involved a California man who claims the female raptress wrongfully used his back tattoo in the racy cover on her 2016 Gangsta Bitch mixtape. Now the self-proclaimed “family man” is suing Cardi B for $5 million. 

    The “Family Man” Just Wants To Win A Lottery Ticket

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    Haters come far and wide to take advantage of celebrities. In Cardi B’s latest court case, a California man, Kevin Brophy, filed a lawsuit against the rapper for using his back tattoo on the cover of her 2016 Gangsta Bitch mixtape. 

    Furthermore, the cover in question features Cardi B drinking straight from a beer bottle, with her legs spread wide, as a man performs oral sex on her. Though, the male model who agreed to do the shoot didn’t have a back tattoo himself. Rather, a Freelance Graphic Designer was hired to find a photo of a tattoo that suited the male model. Eventually, they landed on a google image of Brophy’s back tat and decided to use it. At the time, the freelancer wasn’t aware he needed permission to use the photo. 

    Even so, Brophy has sued Cardi B for emotional and reputational damages in the form of $5 million. At Tuesday’s hearing, the California man claimed that he’s “devastated” and “humiliated” by the racy imagery of the mixtape cover. Clearly, he’s trying to win the lottery.   

    Cardi B Fires Back With “You Can’t Even Tell That It’s Him”

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    Speaking of Cardi B’s legal team, her lawyers believe the California man just wants to cash in on a huge pay day. During Wednesday’s trial hearing, Cardi B argued that “no one can tell the back tat belongs to Brophy.” Not to mention, the male model doesn’t even remotely resemble him. 

    Additionally, Cardi B made the distinction that the male model used in the album cover was a black man with hair. Brophy, on the other hand, is white and bald. Clearly, things don’t look too good for the supposed “family man.”  Instead, his plans to sue might backfire and end up making Cardi B all the more richer. 


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