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    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade For 90s Kids

    ’90s cartoons are the best and you cant change my mind.

    Growing up in the ’90s was something you can only explain, by being there. You were in the middle of going outside and the technological boom of smart devices. It was so much to do and not enough time. Something that all ’90s kids remember and have in common was watching great cartoons.

    We have great memories of watching those ’90s cartoons. However, in the new decades, when shows are remade, they are remade for today’s kids, and well… some of them suck. I hate to see what they are about to do to ThunderCats.

    So, to remember the cartoons we grew up on in the ’90s. Hype-fresh decided to make a list of 5 cartoons that came out in the ’90s, that should be remade for the ’90s kids.

    5. Rocket Power

    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade
    (Picture of Otto, Reggie, Squid, and Twister from Nickelodeon Studios: Rocket Power)

    “Woogity, Woogity, Woogity!” is a greeting that all ’90s kids should be familiar with (Well those who were into cartoons). If you do know it. Then you know the bunch of rascals that skated, surfed and snowboarded their way into our pediatric hearts. Kicking off the list is Rocket Power.  

    Rocket Power was just an awesome show. The show is about a group of kids learning life lessons through family and extreme sports. It taught kids to never give up and to stay loyal to their friends, especially when you were the one to hurt them. Otto, Reggie, Twister, and  Squid had you ready to learn how to surf after an episode. As a result, kids started to explore new sports and wanted to go outside more, just to “Woogity” with their friends.

    If Rocket Power was to get remade today, it can touch base with adults and teens who are in the extreme sports world. It can easily help with drug problems, peer pressure, fame, money and making sure you’re hanging with friends that care about you.

    With Netflix and Nickelodeon merging and bringing back old shows like Invader Zim and Rocko’s Modern Life, maybe the Rocket Gang will get a reboot/remake sooner than later.

    4. Earth Worm Jim

    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade
    (Picture of Earth Worm Jim)

    Earth Worm Jim is the perfect idea of a Rick (Rick and Morty) experiment having its own spin-off. But from a series that was out before Rick was thought of. Confusing, I know. However, Earth Worm Jim is a cartoon that has the same makings that made Rick and Morty great. Weird creatures, space travel, and bringing the audience into the mix.

    This show is something that would fit great on the Adult Swim roster. It fits their weird but entertaining show checklist. Also, having the potential of becoming something great.

    The story revolves around Earth Worm that’s in a super-suit, that villains want, so they can take over the universe. During his travels, Jim is accompanied by a humanoid puppy name, Peter Puppy, who transforms into a monster when he is hurt, angry, or scared.

    Earth Worm Jim is a cartoon that can create great laughs with an adult audience. Especially, with the crazy ideas that adult animation has today. Jim and the gang would be a hit.

    3. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade
    (Picture of Captain Planet and the Planeteers from Captain Planet)

    With global warming, ocean trash, and wildlife fires happening everywhere. The world needs Captain Planet and the Planeteers more than ever. This earth-friendly cartoon will strive in today’s age. With the concern of the earth in 2019, I’m surprised that no remake was made yet.

    Captain Planet and the Planeteers is about a group of kids who controls five rings to protect the earth from villains, who are the representation of the things that are harming the earth. The rings represent the elements of the world: earth, fire, wind, water and lastly heart (not an element but they call it one). If a problem is too big for the planeteers then they combine their power rings to create Captain Planet. Captain Planet is a superpower being on Superman level that helps the planeteers save the day.

    After each episode of the show, the characters come out and give a message on how the audience can help save the world.

    This Cartoon can be beneficial to the world and help adults and children both save the world.

    2. Batman Beyond

    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade
    (Picture of Batman/Terry McGinnis from Warner Brothers Studios Batman: Beyond)

    It’s hard to follow in the footsteps of O.G. Batman, Bruce Wayne. So, Terry McGinnis, the Batman of the future; decides to make his own footsteps with the batman mental. Batman Beyond takes place in 2019 (one that was way more futuristic than our 2019). Where an old, Bruce Wayne, physical capabilities start to slow down and force him to give up the Batman mental. To keep the name of Batman going. Bruce Wayne did a Bruce Wayne, thing and found a teen that is capable of being Batman. That teen name is Terry McGinnis.

    Batman Beyond is a dark series that kids enjoyed, but now with streaming services and no guidelines to follow. The series could blossom into something that can become a big money bag for DC and Warner Bros. The kids that the series was for are adults now and want more adult-like themes in their shows and that’s something that Batman Beyond can bring.

    The show did a great job in character development for both Terry and Bruce; while also giving good villains that didn’t copy any of batman old rivals. Yes, you had a group of kids who followed the Jokers ideology, but they were still there own villain. Also, this series had a protagonist that people liked that wasn’t Bruce Wayne. Hence, being a big accomplishment. Terry and Bruce’s story starts to develop as the series goes on and you start to get attached. You see Bruce in a way you never have seen and you see Terry grow from a “Boy Wonder” to his own Batman.

    Batman Beyond deserves a remake or sequel series, because it’s so much the series can do and offer that would make Bat-fans happy everywhere.

    1. Disney’s Gargoyles

    90s Cartoons That Should be Remade
    (Picture of Goliath and Demona from Disney’s Gargoyles)

    Love, mystery, sci-fi, and great storytelling is not enough to explain the magnificence of Gargoyles. The story is so well written and pace, that you have time to digest the episode and the characters after each episode. Each character has their own personality and growth that you appreciate the show as a true piece of art.

    Gargoyles is about a group of Gargoyles who were betrayed by humans and then put to sleep in stone for 1,000 years. They awake in New York City in the year 1994 to find that their world has changed and it’s up to them to make it for the better. Each Gargoyle of the Manhattan Clan, besides Goliath, is named after a location in New York City (just a fun fact). Throughout their travels, the gargoyles learn things about the new land they’re in and themselves. The fight many strong foes at every corner and even fall in love with ones out to kill them. The story always has a strong twist and every episode is good in its unique way.

    Gargoyles is a show that can gravitate fans of all genres. There is a bit of everything in this series and that’s what made it magical. I honestly think this show would do better as a live-action then a cartoon.

    There have been rumors that the director of Us and Get Out, Jordan Peele, is supposed to make a Gargoyle movie; and folks, I’m here for that.

    There are plenty of ’90s cartoons that deserve a remake, but these are some that need one ASAP. If you don’t agree or have other mentions, make sure to comment below and let us know.

    And make sure to check out other hype fresh articles on the site.


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