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    7 Rap Love Songs That Express The Psychological Languages of Love

    Not much has changed about love, but hip-hop music sure has! Check out this list of old-school and new-school rap songs about family, romance, and intimacy! The lyrics reflect the psychological languages of love, which were created by Dr. Gary Chapman. Find out what your love language is with this quiz.

    1. “Beauty Tips According to Forest Whitaker”

    This philosophical jam is all about self-love. “You ain’t gotta love me!”

    2. “‘We’ Sound Better than ‘You’ or ‘Me’”

    The soulful vocals of CeeLo Green feature on Mac Miller’s deeply introspective love song. “Miss the day I stay up late admiring your posture.”

    3. “Can’t Seem To Hold Onto–”

    “Dang!” Mac Miller and featuring Anderson .Paak. Anderson .Paak’s upbeat personality and the funky instrumental beat complement Mac Miller’s woeful lyrics excellently. If their love inspired this jam, I can see why it is so painful for Miller and .Paak to “keep losin’ you.”

    4. “All I Need in this Life of Sin”

    “‘03 Bonnie and Clyde” by Jay-Z and featuring Beyoncé. Makaveli original, “Me and My Girlfriend” has inspired numerous spin-offs since its release in 1996, but one of the most notable is Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s interpretation. Beyoncé’s iconic vocals ground the intense outlaw lyrics in feminine sweetness. “The air that I breathe in, all that I believe in/I promise I’ll give my life/And all of my trust if you was my boyfriend.”

    5.“He’s a Mighty, Mighty Good Man!”

    Salt-n-Peppa rap about how every woman dreams of describing her man. “I give props to those who deserve it/And believe me y’all, he’s worth it!”

    6. “I’m The Truth!”

    “Goodies” by Ciara and featuring Petey Pablo. Ciara does not only know what you want, but she knows what she wants. “Sexy, independent, down to spend it type that’s gettin’ his dough.” That is what it takes, or else it “stays in the jar!”

    7. “Missing Cocoa Butter Kisses”

    This track is a reminder to respect elders and that sometimes peers have no idea what they are talking about. “Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank/I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it’s dank.”

    How do you feel about discussing your love life? Do you relate to these artists’ psychological languages or love? Do you appreciate sage advice, or do you prefer to figure it out yourself? Let us know by leaving a comment!



    1. I appreciate sage advice. In the end though, I prefer to just work it out by myself.

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