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    Kevin Hart Ain’t Paying No Damn $7.2 Million..Fuck Off!!

    $7.2 Million….You want Kevin to pay how much??!!

    Kevin Hart has had plenty of ups and downs through 2018.

    The comedian has become the dominant force in comedy over the last decade. However, Kevin has been caught up in a cheating scandal, along with old tweets of gay bashing. His tweets from 8 years ago, cost him a hosting opportunity at the 91st Academy Awards.

    The “Bigger Than Life” star has been hit with a lawsuit of  $7.2 Million, after a failed partnership with Stand Up Digital. The company was in the process of releasing an app, however, the comedian’s scandal ruined the debut.

    The lawsuit is not going to stop the Philly native from fighting back. Hart has filed paperwork to address tough times in which he was blackmailed because of his affair outside of his marriage.

    Because of the FBI involvement, he was not able to notify his partners ahead of time. Hart also blamed the competitive market of gaming apps as the reason behind lack of interest.

    Tell us what you think?? Is it really Kevin Hart fault??


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