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    6ix9ine’s NFT Project Branded As A Royal Scam

    New York rapper, 6ix9ine is finding himself in a new wave of controversy. Recently, with everyone having an obsession with NFT’s, the rapper decided to hop on the trend. He created an NFT collection of 6969 classified as animated ‘Trollz’, and the project was set to drop on Oct. 28.

    A couple of weeks later Rolling Stone released a report deeming the project as “A Huge Scam”. Even a post of the rapper promoting the Trollz NFT scheme got deleted. The legitimacy got met with questions soon after. It was said that this project is an effort to gain $100,000. The money would go to various charities, even owners would receive a share of the gains.

    A man called Just ask Jacob, reached out to Rolling Stone, and said that when he heard about 6ix9ine’s NFTs he spent around $40,000 on the project.

    “It turned out to be a huge scam”, said Jacob for Rolling Stone.

    Moreover, Jacob is someone who is known as a crypto enthusiast and investor that’s been in the business since 2017. Back in October, when the project was originally released it piqued Jacob’s interest. This NFT project was supposed to give five percent to every holder due to royalty rights.

    Total Chaos

    Additionally, it was not only promised that if the NFT sold out, but they would also donate $100,000 to five charities. And royalty-holders were supposed to be given power, allowing them to “vote on all decision making and what to do with the funds”. Besides that, a Discord chat created for these NFTs stipulated that holders would have “weekly competitions and raffles” as a “key benefit” to being part of the community.

    Jacob ended up minting 82 Trollz NFTs. To this date, he is yet to receive any royalties. The project never sold out, and it’s apparent because the organizers stopped minting the NFT.

    To read the full Rolling Stone report, click here.


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