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    645AR Drops New Track & Video “In Love With A Stripper”

    Columbia Records recording artist 645AR releases a new track “In Love With A Stripper”. Produced by Full Tac and Rambow, “In Love With A Stripper” finds 645AR rapping and singing in his signature falsetto over the slow and melodic banger.

    645AR has also released the official video for “In Love With A Stripper”. Inspired by the classic film Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, the vaguely Lynchian visual finds the 6’5 rapper with the cartoon voice suddenly pint-sized as he navigates the everyday objects of his life including refrigerator magnets, nightclub ready Barbies, weight plates, soda bottles and a not so friendly cat.

    Watch “In Love With A Stripper” Video

    “In Love With A Stripper” is just one of the upcoming releases from the Bronx/Atlanta native, who has been working hard in the studio on new music and visuals. 645AR first caught the public’s attention with his distinctive vocals – quickly dubbed “squeak rap” by fans and critics alike. While discovering his music, at first listen, one would be tempted to assume it’s a gimmick. However, when speaking about his latest track, 645AR reassures the audience, “This is the 1”.

    About 645AR

    At a time where it is harder than ever to stand out in music, 645AR pioneered a way to attract a massive audience to his storytelling and knack for catchy melodies. “I started making a certain style of music that I liked to listen to,” recalls the 22-year-old rapper/singer whose name combines his initials with his childhood address on The Bronx’s Jackson Avenue. “My music wasn’t picking up at first, so I started thinking about my delivery. It needed something that stood out; I started experimenting.” The Atlanta-based AR avoided cursing. He also innovated a technique to make his vocals sound way different than other artists. At the most emotional parts of songs, he tweaked his presentation. The “squeaky voice” was born. With it, 645AR caught the attention offans; streams and press recognition began to roll in. Over 5 million YouTube views for “4 DA TRAP” later, the versatile artist shows continued promise.
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