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    6 Of The Best Cities For Black Expats

    YouTube channel Asian Boss recently posted a video in which they asked Black foreigners in Shanghai about their overall experience living in China. Unfortunately, there are many cities around the world where Black people are not welcome, or where Black people may experience racially motivated violence even as visitors with brief stays.

    The safety and security of the most vulnerable members of society guarantees the safety and security of all of a society’s members, and a culture that tolerates such racial violence likewise is increasing the likelihood of the opposite outcome. These are six of the best cities around the world for Black people who want to relocate to consider.

    1. Líma, Costa Rica 

    Underdeveloped and culturally rich, the chill province has been attracting tourists since the 70s. This is the spot for those seeking out a Caribbean-paced lifestyle.

    2. Accra, Ghana

    Al Jazeera reports that 3,000 Black Americans now live in Accra. Many Black celebrities have considered relocating and/or acquiring property in the country. Most expats who live in Ghana live in Accra, which is fitting for one of the largest metropolitan-areas in Africa.

    3. Tulum, Mexico

    Located in the Mexican Caribbean, Tulum became a key relocation destination for former New Yorkers during the pandemic. The coastal town offers vibrant nightlife, a tight-knit international community, and a variety of exciting work spaces for remote artists.

    4. Panama City, Panama

    The author of this travel blog about being a Black expat in Panama feels “compelled to pass on the good, bad, and ugly” about life as an African-American in Panama. He is insightful and humorous about the condition of the African diaspora. Additionally, his experiences navigating his queer-identity in South America will be helpful for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and are considering an international move.

    5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Though colorism contributes to the popularity of practices like skin-bleaching and employment discrimination throughout the world and significantly in Asia, Black expats in Thailand report experiencing little to no racism while living in the country. Many say that race may be a curiosity to locals due to a lack of exposure to diversity, but rarely is it due to hatred.

    6. Oslo, Norway

    Though Norway overall is a very ethnically homogeneous country, Oslo is an international city. The viking-history of Norway has produced a modern-day society that is tolerant of intercultural marriage. Though there is not a legacy of legal racism, Black expats of non-Western origin report experiencing xenophobia.
    What is your dream city to live in? Let us know by leaving a comment!



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