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    50 Cent Is Tormenting Young Buck Over Transsexual Allegations

    It seems as though 50 Cent is back on another relentless attack. This time around Curtis is humiliating his own artist.

    The “I Get Money” rapper has decided to take aim at former G-Unit member Young Buck. The rapper formerly signed to 50 Cent‘s label has been caught up in a whirlwind of the media. Several outlets have reported that Buck has intimate dealings with a transsexual. In little to no time, 50 Cent has been on the forefront making fun of the Nashville native.

    “Young buck is almost ready to drop his album,” 50 wrote. “He worked hard on this project, I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine. New heat coming soon.”

    It wasn’t long before Young Buck responded back to address all the confusion. He took aim at 50 Cent on an Instagram live trying to defuse what 50 Cent was implying. If you know 50 Cent then you know he plays hardball when it comes to making a statement. However, with groups such as LGBTQ in place, there shouldn’t be any real issues taking place. It seems as though Buck felt differently about the whole situation.

    “I thought you was 50 Cent,” he said. “I’ve been around you for a long time. I thought you had some real nigga tendencies, homie. I’m a phone call away or a face-to-face meeting away with anything. Nigga, you a real-life sucka trying to manipulate the fans’ minds and play with these people. Telling these people all these ol’ fake ass, false ass lies and shit.”

    Things turned more hilarious when Buck challenged 50 Cent to a rap battle to resolve the matter. Apparently, Buck is still tied to a contract through 50 Cent. The rapper claims that Mr. Jackson is putting pressure on his through several legal strategies.

    Is Mr. Curtis taking things too far? How long will this 50 Cent young buck beef last?

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