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    50 Cent In Talks To Purchase Ja Rule’s Entire Catalog and Masters

    50 Cent is back at it again coming for his arch-rival Ja-Rule aiming to purchase the rapper’s entire discography from Def Jam Records. After buying 200 seats to his concert last week to empty out the arena during his performance, the big bad 50 is aiming at Ja’s pockets directly.

    WAIT… WHAT!?

    You read all that correctly. If the deal goes through, Ja Rule will literally have to pay 50 Cent directly to perform all his songs in concert. This also includes all the money that 50 would make directly off Ja’s streams and album sales and purchases. In other words – 50 is looking to truly put Ja Rule’s career in a box of his own, while the profits of his nemesis make his bank account larger.

    Ja Rule dominated the rap game in the late 90’s-early 00’s and had many successful commercial hit songs. 50 Cent came along (as the big bad wolf) and knocked his house (career) down. It’s a shame to see Rule go out like that… But it looks to be his fate to be in the near future.


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