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    50 Cent Speaks His Mind On Gayle King Interview

    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    50 Cent has been a very busy man these past couple of weeks. With the first act of his hit tv series Power coming to an end and his upcoming ABC drama ‘”For Life” on the horizon, he has had a lot on his plate. But that doesn’t mean he has no room to see what’s been going on in the world. Kobe Bryant’s death two weeks ago shocked us all. But the audacity of some members of the media has made this all more tragic. After Gayle King pulled her stunt on live television last week, the internet came after her. So as much of a Troll as 50 is, there is no way he would miss the opportunity to throw in an extra two cents.

    50 Cent

    “I don’t understand what the goal is,” he said. “To be honest, after the man has passed away, what is the goal at that point? I do think it’s unfair to his legacy. I’m all for the actual movement, but is it for justice, or is it for revenge?

    “There’s a point where the accusations, they destroy everything, and there’s no system involved. We’re talking about problems that we have with the system because the system doesn’t work without good people if we leave it up to the public court of opinion.”

    What do you guys think about what 50 had to say about Gayle King’s comments? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to let us know what future content you would like to see us cover. And as always, have a good day.


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