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    5 Ways To Beat The Heat in Philadelphia

    The past few weeks have been extremely uncomfortable weather wise. Temperatures have been in the upper 90’s and have even surpassed that and have reached 101 degrees. The weather has left many of us stuck in the house with nothing to do, but have no fear 5 ways to beat the heat in Philadelphia is here!

    1. Remember to stay hydrated. It doesn’t matter how long you will be away from home, make sure to carry bottled water for on the go hydration. 2. Go for a swim! Did you know, Philly holds the title for most public pools per capita. We have more pools than any other city in the country. The recreation centers offer poolside yoga and aqua-zumba. Check out the @SwimPhila Instagram for their five locations and go out and have some fun.

    @SwimPhila instagram

    1. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Philly Flavors is one of the most popular ice cream palors in Philadelphia. With endless cool treat options, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination and taste buds guide you on a flavor filled ride. View the full menu here.

    2. Hide away in the cool shade of a movie theater. Head over to the newly renovated Studio Movie Grill at 69th street. The theater now has larger seats with pull up trays for your convenience and a fully functioning grill to satisfy your appetite. Enjoy some of the hottest movies of the summer in the coolest movie theater.

    3. Enjoy the beautiful views from the Riverlink Ferry. The Ferry System provides cross river transportation between Camden and Philadelphia Waterfronts. On a daily basis customers can take impromptu trips to local attractions and all major waterfront festivals and events. The RiverLink Ferry System includes the 500+ passenger ferry.Cheers!


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