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    5 Tips For 2020 To Get Your Decade Started Right

    We have officially entered a  new decade! Here are 5 Tips of 2020 to start it off Right!!

    We’ve compiled 5 tips for 2020 to help you get started off right. Because as we embark on a new decade there is even more pressure for some to finally get their lives in order. The new year brings the opportunity for resolutions and new goals. However just because it’s a new decade doesn’t mean things will suddenly get easier.

    Most self-help books/articles will say “5 easy steps” or “3 simple tricks” to help you to fulfill your resolutions. Well, you won’t get that here… there is nothing simple nor easy about change. Change is a difficult, uncomfortable, and challenging thing that requires effort and time.

    For some people who are naturally disciplined and self-determined, it may be “easier” but it’s still a challenge. Unforantley for the rest of society who tend to start new years on fire, only to have it fizzle out by February it’s more challenging but it’s still possible.

    These tips are for those people who make resolutions but usually don’t keep them. This isn’t a cheat sheet or a complete guide to getting your year on track but it should help.

    Here are Hypefresh’s 5 tips for 2020

    1)Be Honest With Yourself

    Life is too short to be wasting time on goals you don’t really want to accomplish or that you’re not willing to put in the effort to complete. Get real with yourself, are you really going to sacrifice your late nights to get up early and go to the gym? Are you really willing to stop recklessly spending and start saving to invest in that business idea you’ve had for years? If yes then great, you are ready to proceed to the next step. If not then don’t stress yourself out about things that you don’t really care about right now. Just try to enjoy your year/decade the ways that bring you the most joy, you only live once right.

    2)Make a Detailed Plan

    Your Goal is the final design, your plan is the blueprint. For you to be successful with any goal you have to see it as clearly as possible in your mind as if it was reality. Take time to plan out every step of what it is you want to accomplish. What time are you going to the gym? Who’s going to watch the kids? What are you going to cut out of your budget to save more? Every detail of your plan should be laid out as if you are building a building and you are the architect.

    3) Plan to experience failure

    As hard as it is to accept even the most detailed plan isn’t perfect. There are going to be days when things don’t go as planned and it will be tempting to quit… don’t. One of the biggest misconceptions with goal setting is that failure is bad. That is actually the opposite of the truth, failure is good and necessary, it is an indicator that you are actually got started. Prepare for your failures as much if not even more than your success because they are apart of the journey. However, if you prepare to take a hit, it is much easier to take than getting blindsided by one.

    4) Commit to never quit

    Persistency is vital to your goals every step of the way. You have to find a way to fight the too most tempting feelings people experience when in pursuit of something and that’s Compliancy and Lack of visual progress. At some point on your journey, you will get the urge to tell yourself that’s enough either because you feel you’ve come far enough or you haven’t gotten far enough.  Both narratives are false, the only destination on this trip is the end, which is your goal don’t stop until you get there no matter where this journey takes you.

    5) Get started

    This is probably the “easier” of all the steps but it still is a challenge. Most people fail to finish because they fail to start. Remind yourself to take things one day at a time and follow the plan. The road to your Goal is a journey, just like with going for a walk the only way you will get to your destination is put one foot in front of the other. The main thing though is to start walking and never look back because once you start moving forward you are closer to the end than you are the beginning.

    What do you guys think about these 5 tips for 2020 are they helpful?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments and Happy New Year!


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