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    5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown

    The Coronavirus may cause the whole world to shut down; here are five things to do if it does.

    The Coronavirus is officially a pandemic, and a global shutdown seems inevitable. Hypefresh has come up with five things you can do if a shutdown happens.

    Due to the Coronavirus, you probably won’t be able to watch your favorite sports and go to a concert. However, there are some things you can do with your Freetime as the world tries to deal with a global crisis.

    Check out our list of the five things you can do if there is a Coronavirus shutdown.

    5) Binge Watch

    Hopefully, the Coronavirus doesn’t mess with the internet, and people will be able to enjoy being trapped in their own homes. While being home from work but still having to work isn’t the best, it has it’s benefits. By saving time on travel alone, workers will have a little extra time in the house if there is a global shutdown. We suggest you put this time to use to catch up on your favorite shows/movies. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and every other stream services have a plethora of entertainment options to help you occupy your time. Pick one and binge out.

    5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown

    4) Invest in some stocks.

    Due to all the fear the Coronavirus is creating, the stock market is doing horribly. Contrary to popular, this is often the best time to invest. The world may be about to end, but if it’s not history, it says the market will bounce back. It may be wise to take a risk with your money and take advantage of the bear market. If your not sure what a bear market is, click this link.

    5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown

    3) Do some early spring cleaning

    Whether you test positive or negative for the virus, you can still benefit from a cleaner home. If you are locked in your home because of a bacteria-induced illness, why not use your time to do a deep cleaning. Doctors are urging people to wash their hands and disinfect to prevent the spread of the disease. Doing some early spring cleaning will not only help you but maybe save a life.

    5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown

    2) Spend some quality time with your family

    What better way to spend your time than with your family if the world is about to end as we know it. We may be living at the end of times right now, and we are busy making memes. If the Coronavirus causes a global shutdown, and you are forced into self-quarantine with your family. Make the most of it, play board games, spend quality time together, who knows if you will ever be able to do that again.

    5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown-4

    1) Get your post-apocalyptic skills up

    Resident Evil, The walking dead, and every other post-apocalyptic game or movie have started just like this. If that’s what is about to happen, you should be prepared for it as possible. Watch some youtube videos on surviving in the wilderness, how to tie knots, light a fire, and all the other boy scout activities you may not know.  Here is your chance to prove you can make it out of those situations you see in the movies all the time.5 Things To Do If There Is A Global Coronavirus Shutdown-5

    Do you guys think there will be a global coronavirus shutdown? If so, how do you plan to spend your time?

    P.S you should really invest during a bear market

    Let us know in the comments.


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