5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

Superpowers have always been a dream for people. Being able to jump over skyscrapers, lifting super heavy objects with no problems or go to a location in an instant. We all wish superpowers were real and that we will be the ones to get them. So, here are 5 superpowers that the team of Hypefresh wishes that they have.

5.   Healing Factor

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

Being able to repair your self from anything would be the dream. You won’t be harm by anything, bullets, blades, lava, and even drowning would not affect you. The things that are damaged would be healed and you can go on and continue your day. Examples of heroes with the healing factor power are “Wolverine” and “Deadpool”. They are two of comics V.I.P characters spawning a ton of money for comic and film companies. The only downfall of this power is that if you are tired of living then you may have to go on a long journey on how to kill yourself. However, if you don’t mind living forever and seeing all your love ones die, then this power is for you.

4. Telekinesis

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have-2

Having the ability that would allow you to influence, manipulate, move matter or objects would be dope. There are a lot of things you can do with Telekinesis, especially in a world where superpowers are fiction. You can kill people with ease and get away with it as well. Also, you will be able to prank people in a way that will spook them out. There is a lot that you can do with this power. If you concentrate hard enough, you can have a bonus power of flight.

3. Super Strength

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

Super strength would kill in today’s world with health and being strong is an instant money getter. You can be the “strongest” strongest man or woman in history; of course, you will have your haters and will have to take tons of enhancement tests. But once they come back negative you will be bathed in glory and fame until the day you die. Having this power you may also have other uniques powers like invulnerability and being able to jump great feats. Oh, how I would love to have the Luke Cage effect for one day.

2. Teleportation

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

Time for my favorite power on the list, and that is teleportation. With this power, you can get in and out of pinches in an instant. Need money? Find a picture of a bank and boom, right in there. Want to go to a different country but don’t want to spin the money? Boom, find a picture and concentrate on it, and you will be there in a second. Just make sure to bring your passport. However, if your teleportation powers don’t allow you to travel far, then you may be in trouble, but I do not find that being a problem. Just have to move fast, that’s all.

1. The Power of God

5 Super Powers That We Wish We Could Have

Picture of Marvel’s Franklin Richard using his power

Franklin Richards, the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, is a true god. He can create universes and life in an instant. Just imagine having the powers of a god? You can do anything you want. You can create a world where ninjas rule or where dinosaurs never got killed. The imaginations can be boundless. Just with one snap of a finger, you can make or destroy a universe and its many lives.

Well, that is our shortlist of powers we would like to have. If you agree or don’t agree with our list comment below and tell us why.


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